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Severn Valley Rescue
Donkey Sanctuary & Dog Rescue Shropshire

We first started our rescue in 2008 as Shropshire Donkey Rescue, then we were known as Donkey Rescue UK before eventually settling on our current name. Our first official rescue was a donkey called “One Eyed Jack” and as his name suggests – he only has one eye. We have since took in many animals with disabilities, including a deaf pig, several three legged cats, a one eyed alpaca, ponies with lumps and bumps and most recently a blind donkey called Mr Bump. We believe that as long as an animal is happy and pain free, they deserve a chance. We even have a very rare Zonkey called Zee – her mum is a zebra and her dad is a donkey!

We are a very small charity and cannot currently afford to adapt our premises to open to the public, but our dream is to one day raise enough money to open our doors so people can come and see our lovely animals.

We really hope that you will support our charity, and get involved in the work we do. Every day is a challenge, and our four legged friends will forever be our top priority.

All Donations are handled by PAYPAL. You DON’T need a PAYPAL Account you can pay by debit or credit card by donating as a guest .

Donkey Parties – We are happy to bring our Donkeys to you, perfect for events and birthdays.

If you have an event, celebration, party or fete coming up and you would like us to bring some of our donkeys, please get in touch. We do not have riding donkeys, but our miniature donkeys are happy to walk into residential / nursing homes, or they can stay outside. They are also wonderful at Easter or Christmas events, or just as a birthday surprise.

We can also provide Miniature Unicorns to come to your pony party or event. They make a great feature at special occasions, or they are happy to be dressed up if you’d like to do a pony/unicorn transformation.

School Visits & Events : Meet One Eyed Jack

One Eyed Jack was the first donkey rescued by the centre, and he still lives there today. As his name suggests, Jack is missing one of his eyes!

One Eyed Jack is very happy to visit schools or clubs if you’d like one of our team to give a chat on donkey welfare, or to collect money if your group or organisation has managed to raise some money for us. Just get in touch and let us know.

Keep In Touch

We often have donkeys and ponies looking for foster homes, as well as dogs, cats and many other animals. Please keep a close eye on our page and social media for up to date information.

Our preferred method of contact is email, but you are also welcome to call and we will aim to get back to you as quickly as possible.

Severn Valley Rescue

Brickyard House Farm,
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Severn Valley Donkey and Dog Rescue

2 weeks 22 hours ago

Changes are happening here....

Please can we ask that if anyone has animals on temporary foster from us (not permanent adoptions), that you please contact us as soon as possible if we have not yet been in touch with you.

Please email us at or private message this page.

Please do not leave comments as we do not always see them.

With many thanks

Severn Valley Rescue

Severn Valley Donkey and Dog Rescue

4 months 2 weeks ago

Now rehomed 🥰

Special Indoor Munchkin Cat!

Could you offer a home to a very special indoor munchkin pedigree cat?
He is a 10 year old silver tabby neutered boy, he is very friendly and comical, he is a very short and chunky boy with a low deep growling meow.
He is good with neutered female cats, not so keen on the boys.
He will sometimes miss his litter tray and poop next it rather than in it, and he’s best suited to sensitive cat food.
Experience with munchkins or other indoor breeds preferred.
He loves people and will be a wonderful addition.
There will be an adoption fee and agreement in place. Vet reference required.
Please send details about yourself and the home you could offer before 31st January when we will contact potential adopters and discuss things more.

Please pm us. Thankyou

Severn Valley Donkey and Dog Rescue

6 months 1 week ago

A huge Thankyou to Pets Corner Kidderminster for donating lots of animal feed for our small furry rescues and feathered friends. It will make a big difference over the winter. 🐹🐰🦆🐥🐔